About the Artist

Kenneth Barnett is no stranger to the art and fashion industry. After his studies, he worked as a freelance graphic artist, later leading him to combine his artistic talent and love for fashion with a position as a visual artist with GFox followed by one with Sage Allen, both under the May Company umbrella; he then continued to grow his visual talents when he moved south and joined the Belk team. After meeting his wife in North Carolina, they decided to move to New Orleans to embark on a new career and start a small family, with the addition of their daughter, Camille. The combination of Keneth's visual talents and Helene's hospitality industry experience led them to open one of the first black-owned Bed and Breakfast establishments in the country, Lagniappe Bed and Breakfast. Their next chapter centered around the real-estate industry, where Kenneth was able to, again, use his visual talent to layout floor plans to create beautiful projects across the city of New Orleans. Now, somewhat stable, and after years of having to put his tools on the backburner, Kenneth has been able to pick up his pens and pencils to create visual art again. 

Watching the state of events in these turbulent times, Kenneth has used his anger as motivation to create a powerful logo for his first t-shirt design, VOTE. We are living in troubled times, and in his opinion, our nation needs a different direction of leadership and healing. As he proudly watches his daughter, now 24 and a photojournalist,  join the youth of the country with one voice to put a halt to discrimination and injustice, Kenneth felt the need to speak through his art. He wanted to develop a design to hopefully turn this powerful, young energy into VOTES; thus, his VOTE design was born. It is his hope to use this design to spread passionate energy to the polls.